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Dessislav Dobrev, LLM, JD

A leading expert on artificial intelligence and the law spearheading AI matters in both academia and practice. Professor Dobrev created and taught new law school courses on AI at McGill Law School, in addition to teaching Contract Law at Georgetown Law School.  Mr. Dobrev is also currently practicing international law at the preeminent multilateral organization, the World Bank Group (MIGA), where he is exposed to AI issues at the global level.  He is educated and has practiced law in both civil and common law jurisdictions. Previously, he practiced corporate law at one of the leading international law firms in New York - Davis Polk & Wardwell.

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My Story

“The advancement of AI has awakened in me a newly charged and profound curiosity about the meaning of being human.  I view the study of AI as, counterintuitively, a study of the limits of human capability. The quest for understanding machine intelligence has in fact spurred an introspection into our own. Where does the distinguishing line reside between the fundamentally ‘human’ and what can be machine-outsourced? Can we preserve the ‘human’ within the human beings?  These questions provided the philosophical and spiritual impetus for my new book. Yet, I examine them practically – as a lawyer, teacher, and citizen.

As machines are starting to play a role in fundamentally ‘human’ activities, we must ask ourselves: What comes next? Is there a sacred space reserved exclusively for us? Dear readers, as you observe the next phase of AI evolution, please use your unique human curiosity to ask yourself this question. I firmly believe that the answer is yes, but my assessment, and of course the book, are not perfect — after all, I am only human.”

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